Is There a Secret to Making Great Instagram Reels?

Is There a Secret to Making Great Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels, a “new method to create and discover short, amusing videos,” was unveiled on August 5, 2020, according to the company’s announcement.

These 15-second films, which have their own Feed on the Explore tab, “give everyone the option to become creative on Instagram and expand their audience on a global platform.”

What makes Instagram Reels stand apart from TikTok?

Comparing Instagram Reels to TikTok is commonplace due to the two apps’ shared emphasis on the rapid dissemination of short video clips. Let’s compare and contrast the two systems to see where they overlap and where they diverge.

TikTok and Instagram Reels Have Certain Commonalities

TikTok, like Instagram Reels, allows users to create and share innovative, short movies with their audience.

Both systems come with a plethora of extras including sound effects, music, stickers, and more.

Comparison of Instagram Stories vs TikTok

When comparing Instagram Reels to TikTok, there are a few notable differences.

Listed below are the key distinctions between the two:

Instagram Video

  • A supplementary feature built into an existing system
  • There is a 15-second time limit on all videos.
  • Instagram Stories videos are only available for 24 hours.
  • Taking another user’s video and remixing it into a new “duet” experience is called a “Duet” on TikTok, which is presently unavailable.


What sets Instagram Reels unique from Instagram Stories?

Unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels allows you to:

  • Instagram Stories Highlights may be customized in a number of ways. Transitions, augmented reality effects, and speed controls are all examples.
  • Likes are an important aspect of Instagram Reels, as they provide a measure of engagement and popularity. Whether shared on the Explore page, in Stories, or directly on a user’s feed, Reels with a high number of likes can generate significant visibility and potentially even viral success. As users scroll through their own Instagram feed, they may stumble upon engaging Reels that they missed the first time around. And with Reels and IGTV videos both located in the same dedicated section of a user’s profile, viewers can easily discover new content from their favorite creators. But ultimately, it’s the quality of the Reel itself that will determine its success, making it essential to create compelling content that is both conversation and SEO optimized.
  • When users upload videos to Instagram that feature original music or sound effects, the clips can be used by any account.

To what end should I put Instagram Reels?

To use Instagram Reels, all you need is some familiarity with Instagram or TikTok.

Included below are some introductory pointers.

Instagram Highlight Reels: A Guide

Instagram highlights may be retrieved in a jiffy. Just go to your Instagram Stories camera and tap the “REELS” button.

Instructions for Making a Reel

Two primary approaches exist for making a Reel. Step one is to start recording by pressing and holding the record button. An alternative is to use a mobile device to transfer a video.

A Reel may be made by following these steps:

Just select “REELS” from the menu bar. After then, a slew of editing tools will appear on the left side of your screen, ready to be put to imaginative use.

The soundtrack for your Reel video is up for grabs. Instagram allows users to record their own music or choose from a collection of pre-existing tracks.

By selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu, you may adjust the video’s speed or add effects. To start a countdown, simply select “Timer” from the menu.

You may start a recording by pressing and holding the record button.

You may pause the recording of your video by tapping the record button while it is in progress. You may begin recording a new clip by pressing it again. This will reveal the Align button, which may be used to properly align objects in movies before starting a new recording session.

You may edit your previous recording by clicking on it and then watching it, trimming it, or erasing it.

You may customize your Reel with stickers, text, and doodles once the recording is done.

Reel Exchange

To go on to the next section, click the “Next” button on the window where you did your recording.

Once you click “Next,” you’ll be taken to the Sharing screen. If you go to your Reel’s settings, you may change the cover image by tapping the “Cover” button. A caption may be added to the image as well.

You may create a draught of your Reel and return to it at a later date to make it public.

A Remark on Public and Private Records

If you upload a Reel to your public Instagram account, it will be viewable both on your profile and, through the use of hashtags, throughout Instagram.

In the case of a private account, only the account’s followers will be able to view the shared Video.

Reels: How to Watch Them

Watch reels on :

  • Your own stream, in addition to public updates
  • Visiting the Explore page


  • Tweets with audio and hashtags

A “Featured” watermark on a reel denotes that it has been hand-picked by Instagram’s editors.

Now that you know how Instagram Reels function, let’s look at some of the ways they may benefit your company.