How To Reply To Messages On Instagram [Latest Updates]

How To Reply To Messages On Instagram [Latest Updates]

Instagram is the second top trending social media application, with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. The app allows users to create and share engaging content to entertain and educate their potential audience. Almost every messaging app allows creators to respond directly to a specific message from a single sender. 

Instagram lets users quote and reply to an individual person in a “Direct Message.” The “Swipe to reply to message” feature on Instagram works similarly to WhatsApp messenger. With this amazing feature, you can directly respond to a single or group chat message. 

This article explains how to reply to messages on Instagram and use the direct messaging feature from any sender on Instagram using android or PC. 

What Is An Instagram DM?

DM is a direct message on Instagram, a private message between the creator and the users. Instagram provides several compelling features that inspire audiences to watch a particular post on Instagram again and again, making it go beyond viral.The DM feature helps creators connect with their target audience and build great relationships. In addition, you can send photos, videos, or texts to a specific person using direct messages. Also, it allows people to reply to stories using DM. 

How To Reply To Message On Instagram

Replying to the message on Instagram is very simple. Follow the below steps to respond to a particular person on Instagram. 

Step 1: Open the Instagram application

Step 2: Tap on the “messaging icon” at the top right corner of the Instagram screen

Step 3: Now, scroll the Instagram chat and select the one that you want to reply

Step 4: In the chat, click on the “text box” at the bottom of the screen and type the message using the keyboard. 

Step 5: Once you type your reply, tap the “Send” option on the right side of the message. 

Instagram provides other ways to reply to messages, including sending a picture, sticker, or voice note. 

How To Reply To Message On Instagram Using Stories

Responding to other Instagram stories will help you to build a strong relationship with each other. Often reply to other stories and encourage them to reply to your IG story to boost profile engagement on Instagram. Here are the simple steps to react to someone’s Instagram story.  

Step 1: Open the Instagram story that you want to reply

Step 2: Click on the message bar at the bottom of the story screen

Step 3: You can “swipe up” from the bottom of your Instagram screen. 

Step 4: Here, you can see the three different ways to reply story

Quick Reaction:

It allows users to respond quickly to a story through a collection of emojis presented on your story screen.

Gif or Sticker:

By choosing the gif icon at the bottom right corner of the message bar, you can add attractive stickers or funny GIFs through Giphy. 

Written Message:

Here, users can send a written message by typing it into the massage bar. 

However, reacting to a story will be a direct message to the other person. With this, the user is able to like your reaction as well as they can reply to continue the interaction. 

How To Reply To Message On Instagram Using Reels

Instagram has recently rolled out a new “Reels” feature that allows users to create and share engaging reels with popular music and effects. In addition, the “Reels Visual replies” lets you reply to comments on the post with IG reels. 

When a user chooses reels to reply to comments, they will see a new option that allows them to create a reel video reply. Hence it is important to know the strategies to get awesome comments on Instagram reels and  attract a new audience to your Instagarm profile. 

Step 1: Click on the “Reply” below the comment you want to reply to and tap the camera icon at the left.

Step 2: Now, record a new reel or select the existing one from your gallery. 

Step 3: The user can also click on the “Green Screen” in the top right corner to record a reel with the background. 

Step 4: Now, click on the “Comment sticker” and tap next

Step 5: Click the “share” button to post your reply. 

Final Thoughts

Interacting with the audience is the best Instagram marketing strategy to boost your reach and visibility on the platform. Use the above steps to reply to messages on Instagram and build a great relationship with your potential audience. I hope this article will help you to learn how to reply to messages on Instagram and expand your exposure on the platform.